How to apply for A/S

Truen Co., Ltd. operates an A/S center that can repair its products to provide prompt service.

Before applying for A/S

Before applying for A/S, a reminder that there will be a fee required to pay if the product you are requesting for A/S does not have a problem. Your precious time and money can be at risk.

A) We recommend that you check the user manual before receiving A/S service, and receive a diagnosis from our customer support specialists through phone consultation if the problem is not resolved.

B) Additional service charges may be charged if the warranty period has expired or within the warranty period, for failures that are not naturally occurred or caused by consumer negligence.

Truen's A/S processing guide

Applied Area

Service charges are applied if the warranty period has expired or if repairs are made to the products supplied/sold in need of external parts even within the warranty period. (Security 2 years, Egloo 1 year)

In case of an obvious negligence of the customer or the installer, the repair will be charged with a fee even within the free warranty period. Other cases include:

  • A) Damage caused by user fault (damage due to careless handling during installation, arbitrary repair and modification).
  • B) If the product is damaged after repairs outside of our service center.
  • C) In the event of a malfunction after purchasing a product that is not provided by our company.
  • D) In case of customer negligence (overvoltage, immersion due to negligence in installation, setting error, etc.).
  • E) If the cause of the failure is a malfunction caused by a device other than this product.
  • F) When the specified voltage is not used or a defect occurs due to an external device.
  • G) In case of malfunction due to natural disasters (fire, lightning, earthquake, flood, etc.).
  • H) In case of malfunction due to not carefully reading the product usage precautions specified in the manual.
Applying Process

If you wish to continue with the repair process, please fill out the A/S application form and send it along with the product by courier.
(Address: You can check the A/S application form)

Defection Criteria
  • A) Products with defective HW within 1 month from the date of shipment are judged as initially defective and a replacement (new) product will be provided.
    (However, there is an exception applied in cases where the customer and the installer were clearly negligent while the installation process)
  • B) Although it does not correspond to a first-hand defection, a replacement will be offered in case the same defection has occured 3 times or more within 1 month.
  • C) A reminder that if the returned first defective product is not first defective or is a product that has been used, you may be charged with an additional fee. (repair cost, courier cost, etc.)
Remote Support Criteria

For products whose warranty period has expired and all of the conditions below are met, remote support wil be provided.

  • 1) Free support on user instructions, network installation methods, and simple software questions.
  • 2) If you need more than 20 minutes of technical support rather than a simple support.
* In case of a conjunction operation with other products, in principle, technical support is provided by prior consultation.

Please refer to the Manual in case of product failure.